Contour & tone with LPG Cellulite Lipomassage

Beat the battle of the bulge! Lipomassage smooths, tightens and tones your skin elasticity while reshaping and contouring your problem bulges and muffin top. Lipomassage activates collagen and elastin production. This is the only treatment in Canada that is FDA approved to claim cellulite reduction.

  • Reduces fat cells
  • Smooths cellulite
  • Reduce stretch mark’s & scars
  • Increases blood and lymph circulation
  • Improves lymph drainage
  • Firms & smooths skin

Does it work?

LPG Mechano-stimulation reactivates fibroblasts and adipocytes – the cells responsible for youthful skin and weight loss.

Results from LPG’s latest scientific study:

+70% activation of lipolysis (elimination of fat)
+240% activation of collagen production (re-densification of the skin)
+160% activation of elastin production

Over time, the pockets of fat reorganize and rebuild, improving the contour of the skin and distribution of the subcutaneous fat. The softening of the areas treated causes a reduction of cellulite, so the appearance of the skin becomes more toned. The metabolism of the area is facilitated, and there is a loss of inches.