Non-invasive fat cell reduction with FlexSure RF

As a new owner, Sandy Hogarth admits that she wondered: “could this Cynosure technology really work? It sounds almost too easy? Flattening cellulite and reducing fat is a big promise!”

“Personally, I wanted to target some muffin top and thigh issues. So I tried it. This is new and old technology rolled into one. RF (Radio Frequency) has been used for years in anti-aging, but it’s now refined and the guesswork has been taken out of it.

“The wrappable pads heats the fat on the stomach, flanks, legs and upper arms. It kickstarts your skin to produce elastin and collagen. Once I tried it, I could see the difference. Others also commented. This is all so exciting to me, and I have answered my original question: yes, it really works!”

About Cynosure Flexsure

We’re proud to offer the world’s first wrappable RF applicator on the North Shore! Hands-free, non-invasive deep tissue RF treatments in only 15 minutes. The flexible “peel & stick” single-use applicator curves and conforms to hard to reach fat deposits on your abdomen, flanks, back, arms, buttocks, thighs and knees.

FlexSure RF provides deep tissue heating that penetrates the subcutaneous fat layer. The applicator is built with real-time temperature sensing capabilities. This non-invasive, comfortable treatment provides safe and reproducible results every time. This treatment that is safe for all skin types, any time of year and without BMI restrictions.

Unlike other body-contouring devices that require a doctor to hold the applicator still and with the same, continuous pressure, the applicator remains perfectly in place to target specific body zones precisely.  The single-use, disposable “peel-and-stick” applicator pad provides on-the-spot heating to raise tissue temperature. In addition to visible fat reduction, it is appropriate for temporary relief of pain and muscle spasms, and to increase local circulation.

“When you place FlexSure on the area being treated, the pad has six zones – the heat stays at each zone for two seconds,” says clinic owner Sandy Hogarth. “You are getting a steady, distributed temperature, that remains 44 degrees consistently. FlexSure takes all the guesswork out of it.”

In addition to visible fat reduction, it is appropriate for temporary relief of pain and muscle spasms, and to increase local circulation.

Recommended number of sessions

Although you can start to see results after three sessions, we recommend five full sessions, about one to three weeks apart, for maximum results. Each session takes approximately 15 minutes, making FlexSure an ideal lunchtime treatment.

Non-surgical, non intrusive

You might feel a warming sensation during your treatment. Because the applicator has six zones, the sensation only last a few seconds before the machine cycled to the next zone. Right after a treatment, you may see some superficial redness in the area being treated, but 75 percent of it will be gone within the hour, and 100 percent within 12 hours. 

Complimentary Consultation

Is this the right treatment for you? Like all medical procedures, not all patients are suitable for the treatment. Before booking your session, you qualify for a free consultation where a qualified practitioner will evaluate your suitability to undergo treatment and inform you of any risks and other relevant information. Individual results may vary.